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Business Services

Managed Endpoints, Backup, Antivirus, Web Site Services, and more.

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Residential Services

Keeping your computers safe, secure. Backing up personal pictures/files.

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Web Services

Local Web Site Design/Hosting. Businesses sites, organizational sites, club sites, personal sites.

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Tech One Resource gives exceptional support to residential, and business, customers in Mount Vernon, Lisbon, Cedar Rapids, and other communities in Eastern Iowa.

Tech One Resource's Services go well beyond basic computer support.  We offer computer support, virus removal, virus protection, web content filtering, backup solutions, web site services, network support, and more. 

Tech One Resource offers Products as a Service to keep your computers Safe from Virus infections, Protected from Unsafe web content (Malware, Spyware, Adware, Phishing), and Backed Up to prevent data loss.

Tech One Resource is a Web Service company.  We offer Web Site Design/Development, and Web Site Hosting.

Tech One Resource also offers Computer Sales.  Our Laptops, Desktops, Chromebooks, and Servers can be customized to fit your needs, and come standard with warranties that cannot be matched by the big name manufacturers.

Whether you are a residential technology user, a small business, or a small enterprise, Tech One Resource has Technical Services to solve your challenges.  Our Managed Services are built around the premise of reducing your technical worries, so you can focus on your needs.  Businesses can focus on their business.  Personal users have the peace of mind knowing they have an IT Professional working to keep their computers clean, safe, and backed up.

Check out our service pages, or Contact Tech One Resource today for more information.

Customer Testimonials
Janet HuebnerJanet HuebnerResidential/Business Customer
Jeremy (Tech One Resource) is wonderful to deal with.  I know I can ask any questions at any time.  He currently helps us with all of our business, as well as personal, computer needs.  It's so nice to have someone in my corner when it comes to all our computer, back up and security needs.  He is efficient, affordable and available.  Working with Jeremy and Tech One is like have my very own IT Department!
Bob B. - Cedar Rapids, IABob B. - Cedar Rapids, IAResidential Customer of
Jeremy McCollum (Tech One Resource) is not only professional in the tech field, he is personal. He is patient with my wife and I, even though we need extra support.
Jeremy (Tech One Resource) is an excellent service provider and handles our network and computer issues when requested. We are in the process of switching to a service plan with him to further utilize his talents. Would definitely recommend him.
Recently Jeremy (Tech One Resource) stopped in my shop to order shirts for an event his daughter had coming up. After small talk, he asked how I was backing up Barnyard's company files, financial data, and our artwork. After realizing that there were improvements that could keep my company less susceptible to disaster, Jeremy got me all hooked up with a secure, Cloud based, back up system on 2 of my main computers. Within a half hour of starting this process he had all of the work done - up and running. Being very impressed with how smooth all of that went I had Jeremy set up my business website as well. Jeremy is very hands on and is usually sending me emails asking if stuff is working right, and how it should be working. He was very impressive, and had a very relaxed approach to working with his customers. I would definitely recommend Jeremy, and Tech One Resource, for any computer needs.

Tech Talk

Are you prepared for ransomware?

First off, what is ransomware?  Ransomware, like Cryptolocker and similar variants, is a malicious software program which encrypts files (documents, pictures, databases, etc.) on computers, servers, and network shares.  These programs lock (encrypt) critical files so they become unusable, then demand a ransom to decrypt the files.

Ransomware attacks number in the hundreds of thousands.  These attacks have extorted hundreds of millions of dollars from their victims.  Even if an infected user pays the ransom, there is no guarantee the attacker will decrypt the files.

What can you do to prepare?

  1. Do not click on suspicious email attachments.
  2. When browsing the internet…if it seems too good to be true, it probably is…don’t click on the link.
  3. Prepare for disaster.  Use a trusted backup product.

Tech One Resource can help you prepare for disaster.  We resell an industry leading, secure, backup solution.  Your files are safely stored, and recoverable, when disaster strikes.