Managed Service Provider for Residences in Mount Vernon, Lisbon, Cedar Rapids, and the rest of Eastern Iowa

Protecting your Home Computers

AntiVirus --  Protect your home computer from Virus infection, and beyond.  Our service includes an assessment to determine if you have current infections, and cleansing if needed.  Our Managed AntiVirus protects your computer using one of the Industry's top AntiVirus products.

Web Protection --  Web Content Filtering, along with Web Protection, is a proactive approach to ensure your family does not browse to websites with objectionable content, and ensures you don't pickup Malware, Spyware, or Adware while surfing.

Patch Management/Monitoring --  Our services ensure your computer has the latest security updates, and may be able to predict hardware failure...before it takes your computer down.

Remote Support --  An additional service we offer to our Residential customers is Remote Support.  We are able to connect to your Endpoints when needed, or on a schedule.

Personal Computer Backups

Secure Offsite Computer Backup --  We offer the Industries top Cloud Based Backup Solution.  Our product automatically creates a secure backup of your Personal photos, videos, music, documents, and more. With our solution installed, your memories, and personal files, are securely backed up, and recoverable, if there were an unforeseen data loss.

Customer Testimonials
Janet HuebnerJanet HuebnerResidential/Business Customer
Jeremy (Tech One Resource) is wonderful to deal with.  I know I can ask any questions at any time.  He currently helps us with all of our business, as well as personal, computer needs.  It's so nice to have someone in my corner when it comes to all our computer, back up and security needs.  He is efficient, affordable and available.  Working with Jeremy and Tech One is like have my very own IT Department!
Bob B. - Cedar Rapids, IABob B. - Cedar Rapids, IAResidential Customer of
Jeremy McCollum (Tech One Resource) is not only professional in the tech field, he is personal. He is patient with my wife and I, even though we need extra support.