Data Recovery / Backup Planning

Professional solutions to recover from disaster.  Strategic planning to minimize the risk of potential data loss.


When You’ve Lost Your Data

Mistakes and disasters happen.  Whether you’ve accidentally deleted your files, or your computer has suffered a hardware failure, data can disappear.

While not every situation is recoverable, Tech One Resource has experience recovering lost files.  Trust our team to assess the situation, then work with you to recover your missing files.

Take A Breath

Check Your Recycle Bin

Check for Backups

Don't Make Further Changes

Contact A Professional


Preventing Data Loss

Prepare For Disasters

Identify Important Files / Data

Develop A Backup Strategy

Implement A Secure Backup Solution


Computer users should expect the unexpected.  Equipment fails.  Lightning strikes.  People accidentally delete files…

Tech One Resource works directly with customers to develop a backup strategy which fits the customer’s needs, and budget.  We offer solutions to backup one computer, or your entire fleet of computers and servers.


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